Stephanie DiSabello

Stephanie DiSabello

Head of Client Service

Role: Stephanie's personal mission is to ensure that everyone realizes value and knows how important they are to us.  She specifically chases progress, wherever she can find it, and is always in pursuit to ensure that it doesn’t go missing.  Stephanie is now on the lookout for creative ways to express our gratitude. 

Specialization:  Friendship and Project Management

Career Highlights:  Stephanie has 15 years of experience in our industry.  Previously working for UBS and Morgan Stanley, her ability to operate effectively through paperwork and administration was analogous to having a sharp machete clearing the jungle.  She designed this process landscape to efficiently run one of the biggest advisor teams in Morgan Stanley.

Stephanie joined us in 2015, realizing our wider scope of services would also expand her capabilities and naturally deepen her friendship with clients.  Stephanie’s latest task has been taking on the ‘tax man’' to streamline his paperwork demands on all of us.

Personal Pursuits:  Stephanie lives with her husband, two small kids, and two abnormally large golden retrievers.  In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga and running to keep up. 

Fun Fact: Though not a fan of the water, Stephanie was both engaged on the shores of St. John, US Virgin Islands and then married at Captiva, Florida.  She attended both events without a life jacket.