Scott Pulsifer, CFA, CFP®

Scott Pulsifer, CFA, CFP®

Financial Life Planner / Managing Partner



Role:  Scott serves client families and the Junto Wealth team with a passion for improving lives.

Specialization: Financial Life Planning

Career Highlights: Scott has 25 years of experience helping private clients.  Early, he learned the term financial planning at the library, before it became everyday speech.  After his New York City internship at Merrill Lynch, he joined an independent firm, servicing corporate executives and their families. 

Scott further developed his technical expertise at Ernst & Young LLP, studying tax code and other certifications in their National library.  He also created extensive financial models, tailored for his clients, then ultimately nationwide as the firm expert.  

At Morgan Stanley, Scott developed his entrepreneurial spirit as a Wealth Advisor.  He was informed of the systems and role of big money center banks, working with great success, but along the way discovered his personality and philosophical approach to service was more comprehensive and personalized. 

With this experience and realization, Scott returned, full circle, back to independent advice, and founded Junto Wealth, LLC to help clients maximize their Return on Life.

Community Involvement: Scott serves on the Education Committee of the Financial Planning Association (Philadelphia Area Chapter).  More importantly, he serves as a youth sports coach to his son’s and daughters’ teams.

Personal Pursuits:  Scott lives near Philadelphia with his wife, Kami, three growing children, and two dogs.  Scott remains active with fitness, preferring squash, swimming, and basketball to distract from actual exercising.  Scott enjoys reading, writing, and traveling to warm weather locations that offer cheaper prices.

Fun Fact: As a child, Scott was rescued by a KGB Russian agent.  Full story available upon request.