James W. Judge, CFA, MBA

James W. Judge, CFA, MBA

Chief Compliance Officer

Role: Jim is responsible for portfolio operational functions, including compliance and trading. 

Specialization: Portfolio Management

Career Highlights: Jim has over 13 years of experience, including five years serving as a portfolio manager and trader for two institutional asset management firms. Jim has also served as the lead portfolio manager for a multi-family office and an institutional alternatives advisor to multi-billion Taft-Hartley and Fortune 50 pension plans. Jim is a Boston College undergrad, Wharton MBA.

Personal Pursuits: Jim lives near Philadelphia with his wife, Julie, and 4 young children.

Fun Fact: Jim carries the fourth (IV) eponymous name in his family.  His first three children were daughters.  We still wonder if brand new Jim (V) was another girl, would they go for a fifth?  Fortunately, the legacy continues. Congrats!